Are you an owner, manager or custodian of art or other heritage objects? Do you want to secure these objects permanently under appropriate storage conditions? And do you want an accessible insight into the storage data?

We store your collections in durable and high-quality depots called PauseBoxes. We provide the best possible storage environment for your objects. This includes intrusion and fire prevention, climate control and monitoring, site management, condition monitoring and pest management.

Do you want to store objects optimally in your own premises?

For depots and storage areas, Object works with Pausebox, the depot solution that can be used in old, industrial and new buildings alike. The Pausebox is energy-efficient, easy to install and very efficient.

After the fitting has been made to measure depending on the quality and available space required by the client, it is installed. After installation, a very tight climate can be achieved with minimal resources. If you do not want a Pausebox but would rather have another tailor-made solution, we can help you to specify your requirements.

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