Handling, dealing with and treatment of ‘dangerous heritage’

As the name of our organisation indicates the objects that make our cultural heritage are our main focus. However, the health and safety of the people working with these obejcts is even more important. In our day to day living with and handling of cultural heritage items we often forget the possible dangers imbedded in the very same items. Even though the issues of asbestos and radiation active materals are getting better known by most of the users. Other issues as mercury, kampher, DDT and arsenic are less obvious.

Not to mention the dangers for our health in handling objects or working in settings with mold or fungus.

Object’s staff have years of experience in dealing with these potentially dangerous objects. We can recognise them for you and handle them safely. But we can also help you keep the items usable through, for example, isolation, cleaning or training and protocols.

All this in the context of taking good care of the human being also means taking good care of the object.

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