Optimising storage process and lay-out

The storage is the space where objects rest between uses. Preferably the storage is not the final resting place of any object. Although storages are often seen as a static space, movement in these spaces of people and objects is common. The layout of the storage has a direct impact on these movements. That is why a well thought-out layout of a storage will prevent problems and save time (and therefore money).

The time spent identifying wishes and protocols is more than recouped in the years in which the storage is used. This applies not only to the type of rackings and the way in which they are placed in the storage, but also to the dimensions of the compartments and the height of the rackings. In addition, the dimensions of the boxes containing the objects must be in proportion to both the intended content and the available space. Space in the racks, but also space in the logistics around the storage.

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