Whether you need to clean individual objects, collections or complete historic interiors we can help you in various ways. We can train your staff or volunteers in how to clean safe for man and object, when not to clean and when to recognise the limits of your own expertise. We have ample experience in ceaning building-dust, soot, ashes, accumulation of dust, residues of infestations or simply dirt.

Every situation will require its own combination of methods, materials and organisation. Just as important as the dirt is the condition of the object and its surroundings. Of course, not only the contamination but also the condition of the object is taken into account. After all, it is important to know what the object to be cleaned can withstand. For this, a thorough knowledge of materials and an understanding of the impact of the circumstances in which the object or the collection finds itself are indispensable. This expertise is complemented by the knowledge of many, if not all, cleaning methods, their advantages and disadvantages. Of course completed with the desired expertise in the execution of the cleaning.

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