The primary purpose of the registration of an object is to facilitate the link between object and information. The ‘number’ for the object has to be unique but also pragmatic.

In our ‘basic’ regsitration projects we can include all fysical characteristics of the object(s) at hand. Whenever there is already some infomartion available about the object we can include that. If specialised knowledge about the scientific or historical data is required we will call in the specialised expertise.

An integral part of registration is the physical link of the number to the obejct. History has shown there to be a multitude of possibilities for this. All with their own advantages and disadvatages. Our people can help you to identify the most relevant and affordable solution for your specific situation.

The regsitration of the location of the object paramount. If you cannot find the object you will not even be able to identify it. As with the numbering and registration Object can help you in choosing the most usefull, flexible and affordable systhematics.

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