Stabilising an object

In most cases, damage to objects is a result of handling or moving of the objects When an object is gripped wrong it will distort, putting an object on an unsafe surface might result in breakage, shocks and vibration running through the object could cause it to crack.

These are the reasons why it is so crucial for objects to be properly supported before or while handling. We use the word ‘properly’ as most ‘not suitable’ supports will cause damage just on their own. A support should direct possible forces as gravity or shocks or just ‘grip’ to the solid and stable part of the object. A good support does not add too much weight to an object, keeps it visible, leaves vulnarable parts free from tenson and can be used more than once.

Because the positioning of an object in its support involves handling and could be damaging in itself, a support must be easy and logical in use as well as in construction. It can be made of any material ranging from steel to wood, foam, textile and ‘plastics’. The right choice of material only makes the final process easier. Object can help to identify the requirements of the object as well as those of its users, the route and the final destination. Then we can help design the support to be made and supervise the production. We also guide your organisation in its use and aftercare.

This may seem very time consuming, expensive and way more dificult than often needed. Luckily our people are well aware of most, if not all, commercially developed and produced alternatives. . Simply because we were involved in developing several of them. Whenever possible we help you in picking the right one and in using it properly.

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